by Seannie Bryan

Artist’s Statement


        This project wasn’t originally intended to even be finished. It was a moment of contained energy that needed somewhere to go, some place to be expelled, into creating something. Taken over the course of one year, beginning while I was studying in London, and spanning as I traveled back home to Carlsbad, and to Hawaii with family, a temporary home, Colorado for a Buddhist retreat, and finally to this house where artistic expression reigns, these pictures are part of a journey.

             At the core is breaking, bending, and exposing this idea of perfect health. That fruit is an essential part of each photo integrally focuses onto the fact that even what we herald as so beautiful, and perfect, and natural in it’s formation, has a side that is imperfect. It’s a source of life, simple as that; it’s not a precious commodity, and just looking at it does not grant anything, nourishment comes from exposing the insides, the messiness and dirtiness that squelches and is sticky and can rot and blemish. There is no perfection - no perfect food, no perfect life, no perfect body, because every piece is radically different, no matter how you photograph it.

             To deny what is natural, and all of the chaos and natural entropy that comes with it is to create an oppression in oneself. Freedom comes from embracing that thin skinned, multi seeded and ever changing nature. It’s more than “pretty.”